Food Donations

It is an immense challenge for food banks to provide quality fresh produce to those who need it most. We are working to fill that gap. Our entire operation is dedicated to making fresh, healthy, great tasting produce available for everyone in our community.

We are currently supplying the following organizations. As we add production partners we are able to provide food to more recipients. If you are a farm with excess produce, please contact us so that we may add you as a donation partner.

  • FAITH Food Pantry – Newtown, CT
  • Jericho Partnership – Danbury, CT
  • Sterling House – Stratford, CT
  • Feed My Sheep – Bridgeport, CT
  • Spooner House – Shelton, CT

Real Food Share has a booth at the Newtown, CT Farmers Market. We use this space to collect food from home growers, and market shoppers who donate food purchased from market vendors.


When people are healthy, our communities can thrive to their highest potential. There are more Americans sick right now than healthy, with the majority of calories consumed in the form of ultra-processed food products. Restoring the full potential of our food will provide nourishment to the body, mind, and spirit.

A hyper-local food system combined with regenerative agriculture produces and provides the healthiest food on the planet. Here’s why: Nutrition starts with healthy soil, which is the basis of our farming practices. The degradation of top soil from traditional agriculture has resulted in the steady decline of vitamin and mineral content in our food. Regenerative agriculture nurtures the soil, which in turn creates abundant plants that produce nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.  In addition, most fresh produce will lose up to 30% of its nutritional value within three days of harvest. This means that the closer the food source is to people, the more nutritional value they get.

Local food is the healthiest!


Content Development, Outreach, Education
Real Food Share envisions a food system in which people are educated and aware of their relationship to food. While we continue to expand our production and distribution partnerships, we will incorporate education and community outreach so that people are informed about their food choices and equipped to choose local and fresh.

Our organization will compile and centralize the types of information a community needs to find, grow, prepare, and enjoy healthy food. This includes the production of videos, articles, directories, courses, and events centered around food.

Blog & Video Series: Celebration of Food
By highlighting local chefs, restaurants, food-preneurs, seasonal recipes, and local bloggers we can connect the very best resources our state has to offer. Reconnecting to our food sources and the simple joys of sharing food with family and friends will be the connecting thread.

Nutrition Education
Basic culinary and horticulture skills are fundamental to personal and community health and education will be prioritized throughout our content offerings. Articles that can be read individually or organized into courses, we will provide education on 21st century personal health practices and nutrition.

Regenerative Farming & Gardening Education
By highlighting regenerative agriculture practices, we will position ourselves to be a future regional center for events and education as we teach the methods that restore balance and harmony with nature and draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Food Systems & Security
Food insecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. In the U.S. alone, over 37 million people don’t have consistent access, either physically or economically, to an adequate food supply. We shine a light on the grass roots solutions to food insecurity and supporting a healthy local food system.

Food Waste
While 1 in 9 Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from, roughly 40% of all food produced in the Unites States ends up in the trash. Our goal is to educate our community on what we can all do to dramatically reduce food waste, feed more people, and clean up our environment.

Food Policy and Impact Organizations
Food policy is the backbone of our food system. Decisions made by our federal, state, and local policymakers determine everything from what crops are grown to how much food costs to what we do with the excess. We are going to highlight those that are making an impact on a regional level.

Food Security

Everyone deserves to have access to healthy food.  Newtown currently has approximately 4% of its population in poverty with almost 30% expressing difficulty covering basic living expenses.  Food security is a complex and fluid concept to understand. Real Food Share is beginning its journey by maximizing local resources to provide more access to healthy food.  With long term strategy, collaboration, and consistency we believe this is an issue that can be improved in every town.

Regenerative Farming

Our team is dedicated to synchronizing with our environment.  At every turn, nature affords us with the possibility to recycle and produce while maximizing every resource.  We will continue to enrich soil microbiology and increase pollinator activity. We create our own compost and use it to feed our plants in the form of nutrient rich soil and compost teas.  We use no-till bed preparation techniques and already have in place methods to extend our growing season.  

These methods are a refreshing change to traditional agriculture and give us the best opportunity to not only contribute the healthiest, best tasting produce to our neighbors, but be an active part in restoring and enhancing our natural resources.

This upcoming season, Real Food Share will be leading by example on how to maximize production on small lots.  We are farming the land of two partner organizations which amounts to a little over 15,000 square feet of plantable land.  Using regenerative practices, we expect to grow and donate over 15,000 pounds of produce from these gardens, in just our third year of practice.  Last year we trained four new young farmers and this year we will train an additional six.  We also have a dedicated team leading our “1000 Garden Challenge” to help home growers realize the potential of their own victory gardens.

1,000 Garden Challenge

We are challenging Newtown, CT residents to grow a vegetable garden this season and make a promise to donate some of what you grow each week to a Food Pantry, Senior Center, or a family in need.

The 1,000 Garden Challenge is about building a community network of home gardeners, having a fun place to share gardening tips and experiences, and joining forces to grow fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables to feed ourselves and our neighbors in need. 

Now is the time! Whether you just have one container or a large plot of land, whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, let’s create an amazing story to inspire other towns across the country to join the challenge.

Click here to join the 1000 Garden Challenge Facebook Group.